Katerina Cozias


Katerina Cozias is a digital TV host & media personality with a dynamic on-air presence.
Currently the producer and host of Global Gab, a digital based news platform dedicated to covering top trending international happenings, her on-air strength coupled with a high degree of professionalism and personal integrity make her ability to disseminate information impressive. Katerina is also a recurring host and collaborator with
AfterBuzz TV, TheLip.TV, The Professional Network Group, The Greek Reporter, RockMIXfm, and Book Circle Online.
As the host of “LA40” with LA Talk Radio, Katerina is perfectly positioned to add that human element to the show’s discussions, as she herself is currently in the process of turning 40.  In our youth obsessed culture we are lead to believe that we, somehow, expire when we turn 40; like a good bottle of wine left open for too long.  We are misled into believing that all our good life experiences end at 40 and that when we reach that milestone we are suddenly old and less valuable. LA40, however, aims at destroying that myth by propagating a different message to the generation-X, radio/.comTV audience: “your true, meaningful life starts at 40, because that’s when you’re actually wise enough to do something significant with your life.”
In the first chapter of our lives, ages 0-39, we learn about ourselves. In the second chapter, the chapter from 40-80, we transform from quite caterpillars into awe-inspiring butterflies. Martha Stewart, Diane Von Furstenberg and Samuel L. Jackson are just some of the shining examples of people who harnessed the powerful core of who they were and then coupled it with the 40+ years of life experience they had in order to really produce magic – All of this after hitting that milestone age of 40 (the age where many people feel that their opportunity to shine has already passed them by).
Katerina herself is in the process of emerging into the most powerful version of herself. Having spent the first chapter (0-39yrs) crawling around looking like a caterpillar, she is now taking conscious steps to really morph into that butterfly that she knows she has always been. Having wanted to be an on-air personality and television host since the age of 19, her career took several interesting twists and turns before finding her, just months before the age of 40, in Los Angeles with the intent to finally pursue her original passion of being “on air” (20 years later that most of her counterparts). Taking all of her years of work experience in the Communications & Media Relations fields and coupling those with her rich life experiences, her personal relateability as host will resonate with all audiences. And since she herself is currently dealing with many of the up & down emotions that come with voluntarily blowing up one’s own life in pursuit of what many others consider a pipe dream, she is well equipped to advise on the topic and to be that friend, that voice of encouragement, to all the rest of the people out there who might be itching to do the very same thing.
Katerina’s hosting background is complemented by many years of business communications experience in the oil & gas and finance sectors as well as in lifestyle/entertainment. In these roles, she collaborated with media and agency partners to bring news and information to the world. She forged strong relationships with numerous media outlets including the Robb Report, Forbes and The Wall Street Journal. With a background in public & media relations, she has traveled extensively and has had the opportunity to gab globally with many of the world’s most interesting citizens.  An innovative communicator with a proven portfolio of success, Katerina’s warm, personable style wins trust and helps build relationships with all audiences.
For more Katerina, visit www.global-gab.com or connect with her via social media @katerinacozias on both Twitter & Instagram.